Stabat Mater
per coro e sei percussionisti
Instruments: Choir (SATB) and 6 percussionists (2 vibraphones, tuned cowbells, 2 low tam tams, tubular bells, 2 marimbas, 2 low Thai gongs, 6 tuned gongs, 2 low gongs, 4 timpani, 10 woodblocks, 12 temple-blocks, 2 bass drums)
Composition year: 2007
(c): Suvini Zerboni 2007
Catalogue number: 13029 (score on sale or supplied with the hire material and on perusal)
13030 (material on hire)
Commissions: Mécénat Musical Société Général
First performance: Blagnac, Odyssud, 23.11.2007
Choeur de Chambre les Eléments, Les Percussions de Strasbourg, cond. J. Suhubiette
Duration: 20'